Men´s body is specifically built to be stronger and bigger than women´s body. It has historical context, that we can´t overlook. Men had, have and always will have bigger muscles than women. Obviously if women do fitness in professional way, they can achieve bigger and stronger muscles constitution. But their muscles can never be as big as men´s. Also, women´s muscle and skin tissue are more sensitive to be injured. A simple explanation exists in that matter.


From a prehistory age, men were supposed to obtain a food for the whole gang. Women were the ones preparing the food, but never hunting for it. And due to evolution men were growing strong and more resistant to be injured from outside or inside their body.

And these are one of the reasons, why men tend to have their muscles stiffer. To release the stiffness, there are not many ways how to make this happen. But one of the best ones is the erotic massage. The regular massage is very helpful and beneficial for the men´s body too, but the erotic massage release not only the outer muscles tension, but the inner body tension too. As an additional benefit, a massage increases stimulation of lymphatic system and improves joint mobility and flexibility.


Especially when men are not able to have sex (for many reasons), their testicles might start physically hurting. It is not only unpleasant, but it can be dangerous too. Men should not be able to not have a possibility to get rid of this unnecessary inconvenience. Very often men use the excuse, that men´s reproduction organs are thinking for them or even worse, that the reproductive organs are their brain. We are not here to judge, but we already know, that erotic massage is the unique way, how to satisfy mind and body at the same time. So, let this be the opportunity to do this at once for men´s troubles too.